About Our Crossings

Thanks for stopping by! We are Aiva and Valters. We are originally from Latvia but living together in Ireland for the past 15 years. We first met in Lusk, small town north of Dublin. With Valter's dream about surfing wild Atlantic waves and Aiva's dream about climbing Ireland's highest peaks, we set out on unforgettable journey trough Ireland's 32 counties.

Our first travels together were small day trips around Dublin city that later expanded to long weekends away mostly on Ireland's West coast exploring National Parks, climbing mountains and surfing. Later came adventures around Europe and more. 

Our Crossings came to life at the end of summer 2014. It's a great way to share travel stories for our friends, family and rest of the world to read. It's an ideal learning experience and opportunity to show how beautiful and diverse Ireland is. Even after all these years on the road we are not even half way trough our to - do list.  While not on the road our free time is dedicated to reading, yoga, experimenting with vegetarian recipes and working on travel itinerary's.

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