Monday, 3 July 2017

Donegal road trip 

''The quieter you become, the more you can hear.'' /Ram Dass/

With every view more startling than the last, with the smell of wild Atlantic ocean and flawless exhibition of natures marvels, county Donegal is and always has been close to my heart. And there is more to it than just scenic terrain. She's like a sleeping beauty with big inspiring soul. Utterly irresistible with layers of uncrowded corners unfolding before your eyes, allowing you to think, feel and breathe. Whilst mostly recognisable for it's stunning beaches and Slieve League cliffs, Donegal offers noteworthy hikes, vivid sunsets and amazing food too.

Far away from maddening tourist crowds, surrounded by craggy cliffs, sits remote and abandoned village Port. The last residents are long gone, leaving behind crumbling cottages and a life where making a living from the land and the sea, while bracing the elements, was the only way to survive. If you ever happen to wander down the little dirt road, put on hiking boots, grab a sandwich, water and make your way across the little bridge. It's a gateway to real hikers paradise with views of soaring cliff faces surging from the ocean floor.

Every wild and remote place we visit lets us experience living in the moment and shape us in to who we are. By stripping away everyday comforts we actually enrich our life's and can easier reflect on highs and lows. There's nothing more important than redirecting our focus on where we are now and where we are going. Life is happening fast and what we do, eat and buy, matters. Let the nature be your medicine and your inspiration. Feel the soft grass underneath your bare feet and feel connected to the world around us.  


  1. Ireland is such a beautiful country. Great pictures as usual guys

    1. We agree with you Aiga, Ireland is amazing!