Monday, 24 July 2017

72 Hours in Lucerne and Zurich 

''Fairy tails are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten'' /G.K. Chesterton/

Travel fills me with such accomplishment few other pursuits do. Just the thought of it energises and excites me to the point where 'I want to travel' becomes 'I have to travel'. My personal reason for roaming the world is quiet simple-it's the best way to celebrate life! And on top of that -  because unnecessary delays at the airports and long ques before hand luggage screenings outweighs satisfaction of being someplace new and because freshly baked Portuguese custard tarts are irresistible and because travel radically modifies our perspective.

When it comes to Switzerland, you can't really go wrong. Just about everything Swiss provide and produce is world class; exquisite chocolate, luxurious shopping, panoramic train rides and finest timepieces. Dominated by the mighty Alps, this place showcases perfect combination of old town squares with storybook charms and landscapes that looks like paintings. Silently gliding in a bright red gondola towards Mount Pilatus, we had memorable bird's eye view of it's famous lush green valleys, steep rock faces and good-looking Lake Lucerne.

Like any visit to a new country, ours starts in it's biggest city - Zurich. Instead of landing at the airport, we arrived on a train from Milano Centrale station and headed straight to one of the most beautifully preserved Old Towns in Europe. If you are in Zurich, make sure you don't miss Augustinergasse, well known for it's colourful houses with bay windows. And if you are a big fan of viewpoints, than go straight to the most famous landmark, The Grossm√ľnste cathedral, where 187 stairs lead all the way to the tower vantage point.

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