Monday, 5 June 2017

Making memeories in Biarritz

''Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart and strong enough to life the life you've always imagined''

Grande Plage, usually swarmed by sunbathers and swell seekers, today was uncommonly vacant. Like she was resting in between the undisturbed moments, so pure, so thoughtful and so untouchable. Glowing sun was high up in the sky yet the sudden ocean breeze could steal the warmth any moment. I took Ericeira in my arms and twirled around the viewing platform. Her laugh was contagiously light hearted and her sun kissed cheeks tasted salty sweet. Our days in Basque Country looked much like episodes from endless summer with no sense of time and with no responsibilities.

We gazed out to the ocean and then back at each other, happily beaming and giggling. Decade and half ago we stumbled upon each other by pure serendipity. And here we are now, this is the life we created, these are our gleaming moments. Now, more than ever, it feels like we are on the right track, sharing hobbies, over coming barriers, supporting each other, living spontaneously, dreaming big and going trough life's seasons holding hands. Sometimes ankle deep other times on tip toes.

I just love how ocean has this mystically astounding power to fill our heads with big dreams and instant ability to ignite our souls with infinite curiosity. I trust my heart and I follow my conscience to question everything in life around us to seek for balance and tranquillity. And most of the time I seem to find answers whenever we are beside the ocean. Maybe it's the extra vitamin D, maybe it's the energy, but as Kurt Vonnegut once said 'In the water I am beautiful'.

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